Made in 3 days for Mini Jam 117: Ghosts with the limitation Shotgun as a Mechanic.


  • Coding:  PepperBoi
  • Art:  JamalCreates
  • Sound/Video: Staintocton
  • Sound: Tachy Bunker
  • Freesound.org: Intense JumpscareWindow slide closedLocking the doorFoley_Object_Fridge_Moto...continuous static
  • Join The Discord: https://discord.gg/8tAvpcSz7x


    pafi-win-V1.0.1.zip 24 MB
    pafi-lin-V1.0.1.zip 25 MB
    pafi-win-V1.0.0.zip 24 MB
    pafi-mac-V1.0.0.zip 41 MB
    pafi-lin-V1.0.0.zip 25 MB

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    almost peed my pants. cheers dude

    i love analogue horror, great concept! the only thing is, it seems like i encountered a bug when I had to check for food and weapons, because even though i inspected the gun and opened the fridge multiple times, it didnt let me watch the next broadcast and still said i needed to complete my tasks...

    Exact same thing happened to me rip

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    Thanks for helping me see this, in the video it says to check the windows and doors again and some of them unlock/open

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    Sorry for the late reply but in that one it says to check the windows and doors again and some of them unlock/open (I knew that would cause some confusion but hoped the creepiness would be worth it)

    this game I recommend if you  like the madenla catalog or any anolog horror. 

    This game is very scary the jumpscare at the end got me and made me jump.

    Glad you enjoyed!

    Very short and interesting experience, had some creepy vibes to it, still wanted to leave my house! Liked the informational emergency video style.

    Thanks for playing!


    I fell over from that jumpscare. Really good game.


    not me thinking id actually get to use the gun 💀

    good game! i was hoping itd be a survive situation where id have to keep the windows closed and door locked while fighting ghosts, but this was pretty fun

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    Yeah, I think that couldve been fun but not really what we were going for lol

    still a great game 🤷‍♀️ i felt really spooked out the entire time cause of the ambiance and the tv

    i love analog horror and this game had the perfect vibes

    Deleted 119 days ago

    What’s the problem?

    what gun?

    There's a shotgun on one of the walls, above the couch.

    Oh that's what it was?

    fun game but was my amo supposed to disappear? i kept clicking the gun to see if I removed it but it didn't do anything

    That was a bug but it's fixed now

    (1 edit)

    dang that scared the living soul out of me

    I'm extremely confused, do you need audio to play?

    It’s heavily recommended, as it adds to the experience.

    heavily recommended as in you need it to know what to do, or as in cool sounds?


    You need it

    Deleted 119 days ago

    Not a bad little game !! For some reason when the tv guy said GHOSTS i laughed, wasn't expecting it haha. If you ever make more of this, i will definitely play !

    I made a video on your game if you'd like to give it a watch :)

    5 stars would recomedn

    loved the game i was so shocked when the ghost apeared i tried to get the gun not knowing it doesnt let you move at that poiint in the game realyy fun


    Really liked the new take on the Mandela Catalogue game way where you're just awaiting what happens next! It was a fun and interesting take and loved the stylisation of it; it really suited the situation and game!

    Though I think that having things scare the player through the windows or stuff that changed more than just the door knocking and the painting changing shape would have really made things more scarier and tied everything as a whole.

     Maybe having the windows and door open and/ or unlock from time to time and the players have to close them would have made the situation more frightening and would give the ending a stronger and scarier impact.

    Though the atmosphere you created was pretty spooky, especially when the instructions changed. The noises also were very well done and scary!

    It was still a really well made take on the genre and it was very fun to play! Great job on it and hood luck on future projects!

    Hey, thanks for playing! Thought the commentary was hilarious.


    Thank you for this short horror game!
    If you want, you can check my full game playthrough here:

    Thanks for playing, pal!

    love it thank you 

    Thanks for playing!


    Instructions unclear, made video with ma ugly mug in it.


    Hey, thanks so much for playing!


    Tbh if you couldnt figure out the instructions, you should get a dumbass test



    this was fun ! i wish it had more but since its a game jam game i understand the time limitation ... apart from that i hope you enjoy the vid nonetheless !


    Thanks for playing, loved the commentary!


    nice spooky


    Hey, thanks for playing!